Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA, is an award-winning architect and photographer. In 2012, fellow architects elevated Ernie to Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects, an honor held by only 3,000 architects worldwide.
Ernie’s curiosity about history and passion for understanding the world have led him to travel the globe with his wife. Together they have toured 31 countries on five continents, and ridden both motorized and non-motorized modes of transportation to explore off-the-beaten-path historic locations.

He and his wife, Rhonda, live in Eagle, Idaho, with their horses, 24 motorcycles, and four classic cars.

An Author Interview is found in the Bonus Materials of Life-A-Tecture, the book.

For those of you interested in additional credentials for Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA:

Ernest Lombard’s passion for architecture and history lead to four decades of advocacy and photographic storytelling to preserve architectural landmarks. Ernest’s championing lead to preservation and public use of multi-award-winning 1880s ghost town: Bayhorse, Idaho. Additionally, hundreds of talks and seminars for numerous audiences; service on Idaho’s Architectural Licensing Board; University of Idaho advisory board roles, distinguished practitioner faculty service, and teaching architectural exam-prep seminars; as well as AIA Idaho Chapter service on the Board and Committees; and NCARB exam committee service collectively demonstrate Ernest’s commitment to the profession of architecture and to increasing the service of architecture to society.

Noteworthy Achievements

  • 1970s to present: advocacy for historic preservation for public education, use, and enjoyment.
  • 1972: Lombard Conrad Architects formed.
  • 1980s: Preservation of the Guffy 1880s steel railroad bridge (the state’s largest historic artifact) created the center-piece for a county park during Mr. Lombard’s tenure as chair of the Owyhee County Historic Advisory Board.
  • 1980s to 2010: Bayhorse Achievements: From Ernest’s nomination for Idaho’s Centennial State Park, Land of the Yankee Fork State Park was born. Through his persistence as the chair of the Idaho State Park and Recreation Board, IDPR acquired the town-site. His vision was instrumental as the agency worked with the federal Bureau of Land Management, Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency to remediate the soil and mining tailings to make the site safe for public use.
  • 1980s: Boise Urban Renewal Community planning project architect. The project earned an urban design award from Progressive Architecture Magazine.
  • 1980s: University of Idaho, College of Art and Architecture. As chair of the Art & Architecture Advisory Board, established Idaho Rome Study program to advance architecture internationally.
  • 1999-2010: University of Idaho, helped establish the Boise-based Idaho Urban Research and Design Center as a member of the steering committee.
  • 1990s to present: University of Idaho, teaches Senior and undergraduate classes on the Moscow and Boise campuses.
  • 1995 to 2012: Service as a Governor-appointed board member and two-term chair of Idaho State Parks and Recreation Board which oversees the management of 30 State Parks and an annual budget of over $40 million.
  • 2009: Received the ESTO PERPETUA award from the Idaho State Historical Society in honor and recognition of his significant contributions to the preservation of Idaho History.
  • 2009: U.S. Senate Recognition, Senator James E. Risch read recognition of Ernest J. Lombard’s contributions into the Congressional Record. Tribute S13188 (14DE). U.S. Senator James Risch’s Tribute began “Mr. President, I rise today to give recognition to Ernie Lombard who has been at the forefront of preserving and recording Idaho’s great past” and ends with “Future generations of Idahoans have received a great gift from Ernie Lombard, and we are very grateful.”

Awards, Honors, & Recognition

  • 2011 Lombard Trail is the cover of the 2011 Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation “Idaho Off-Highway Vehicle Program” document mailed to Idaho’s more than 100,000 licensed off-road vehicle owners and distributed in a variety of recreational areas.
  • 2010 U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar personally acknowledged Mr. Lombard’s work on Bayhorse when presenting him with the Partners in Conservation award.
  • 2010 National Excellence in Planning Award. The Bayhorse project was also recognized by the National Association of Recreation Resource Planners in 2010, for the joint effort of reclaiming a mine site for public use.
  • 1995 Mr. Lombard was given an Orchid certificate for the Friend of Preservation Award: “In recognition of superlative achievement in preserving Idaho’s Heritage.”
  • 1984 Morrison Center Celebration Sparkles: performing arts center designed by Mr. Lombard. Newspaper recognitions in 1987 “Morrison Center Glitters” and 2004.
  • April 2004: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Morrison Center, Mr. Lombard is cited as the chief architect, who upon the 20th anniversary of the facility was recognized with the Morrison Center Medallion.
  • 1977 Mr. Lombard founded the Orchids and Onions award in Idaho while he was President, of the Idaho Historic Preservation Council. The award is for positive (orchid) or detrimental (onion) preservation projects.
Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA wearing The Morrison Center Medallion and the American Institute of Architects Fellowship Medallion.

Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA wearing The Morrison Center Medallion
and the American Institute of Architects Fellowship Medallion.

AIA and Additional Design Awards

Mr. Lombard, FAIA, sold his architectural firm to his employees in 2000.

  • Elevation to FAIA status May 2012, Washington, D.C.
  • Lombard Residence – Eagle, ID. Idaho American Institute of Architects Merit Award, 1994.
  • Bon Marche at Boise Towne Square Mall – Boise, Idaho. Idaho American Institute of Architects Materials Use Award, 1990 and the Best Interior Design of a Commercial Building, Boise City Design Review Committee Honor Award, 1989.
  • River Run Center – Boise, ID. Boise City Design Review Committee Honor Award, 1989.
  • First Interstate Center – Boise, ID. Boise City Design Review Committee Honor Award, 1989.
  • Floyd Johnson Residence – Boise, ID. Idaho American Institute of Architects Merit Award, 1988.
  • Morrison Center for the Performing Arts at Boise State University – Boise, Idaho. Idaho American Institute of Architects Honor Award, 1985. The five-member jury included Frank O. Gehry, FAIA.
  • Citizens National Bank – Boise, Idaho. Boise City Design Review Committee Honor Award, 1984.
  • Curtis Professional Plaza – Boise, Idaho. Boise City Design Review Committee Honor Award, 1982.
  • 27th Annual Progressive Architecture Design Awards from Progressive Architecture Magazine, 1980, recognized Mr. Lombard with a Citation for Urban Design and Planning for his architectural consulting work on the Boise City Center eight-block planning project that focused on a retail development city center design.
  • Home Federal Savings & Loan Association – Mt. Home, ID. Idaho American Institute of Architects Honor Award, 1980.
  • Ada County Public Safety Building – Boise, Idaho. Idaho American Institute of Architects Merit Award, 1978.

Additional Awards

  • Distinguished Citizen 1987 – The Idaho Statesman named Mr. Lombard “Distinguished Citizen” in September 1987 for his citizen involvement and his commitment to History and Architecture.
  • 1989 Boise National Forest, U.S. Department of Agriculture Certificate of Appreciation, February 1989 – Awarded to Mr. Lombard for “dedication, time, and energy in finalizing the Boise National Forest Plan. Your efforts will help guide us into the 21st century.”
  • Photography Awards – In addition to the one man shows for his photographs, Mr. Lombard’s photos have appeared in such publications as the “New York Times”, “U.S. News and World Report”, the “Idaho” book; “Idaho Magazine”, and the Idaho Travel Guide, to name a few. His photographs have been published in various textbooks. Mr. Lombard has also won numerous awards from the Idaho Statesman and Kodak International for his photographs of his own children. In 1971, he won a Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards – Certificate of Merit.

Recognition & Appointments

  • Idaho Board of Architectural Examiners (Idaho’s Architectural Licensing Board) from 1981 to 1984 then again from 1994 to 1998. Mr. Lombard is a Past Chairman of the Idaho State Board of Architectural Examiners. Mr. Lombard was appointed by then Governor Cecil D. Andrus, who also served as U.S. Secretary of the Interior.
  • Boise City Planning and Zoning appointment 1986-1988 by Mayor Dirk Kempthorne, and re-appointed by subsequent mayors for a total of a decade of service. Concurrently Mr. Lombard also served on a city Design Review Board.
  • Idaho Parks and Recreation Board member appointee by these Governors: Governor Batt for the term 1994 to 2000; Governor Kempthorne 2000-2006; Governor Risch 2006-2012
  • University of Oregon’s Certificate of Achievement for completion of their Pacific Northwestern Preservation Field School in 2004. This recognition was for Mr. Lombard’s work in the preservation of the Historic Railroad Ranch owned by Averil Harriman and which now is a 12,000 acre Idaho State Park.
Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA wearing The Morrison Center Medallion and the American Institute of Architects Fellowship Medallion.

Ernie and his wife Rhonda at the Fellowship
Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.