As a world-class architect, motorcycle enthusiast, and accomplished photographer, Ernie Lombard has lived the most interesting life imaginable. His stories drive home his belief that anyone can live life in abundance, and he provides practical advice on how to squeeze the maximum out of each day. Lombard’s book contains powerful messages that, combined with numerous examples, provide a good solid nudge that any reader can employ to step out and explore on his own. Not enough people venture off the beaten path anymore – in fact, hardly anyone does! This book helped me identify some bad habits that have crept up on me, obstacles that serve to keep me off the front lines. I needed this book right when it came into my hands. Thanks for the nudges to get out and experience the world! Bravo, Ernie Lombard! May he ride through the gates of heaven on a KTM 950 Adventure bike.

Don Johnson

Professional Photographer, ArrowrockPhotography.com

Life-A-Tecture is a man’s global adventure story, providing rich descriptions and personal perceptions of far-away locations. His humor and insights give the reader an opportunity to participate in his amazing experiences. Ernie Lombard conveys love for his wife, fellow human beings, and animals while describing parts of the world many of us will never explore. This book is an ingenious mixture of travel, self-help, and adventure.

Vanessa Brown Laurella, RN, PhD

I’ve enjoyed being on many of the adventures Ernie shares in Life-A-Tecture. He and I see the world through the eyes of architects and motorcyclists. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to trade stories and adventures. This book captures many of our shared rides and brings back memories of the cultures that our motorcycle rides have permitted us to experience.

Burt Richmond

Burt is still trying to ‘retire,’ but many of his clients still need his creative talents to solve their building and construction problems. At age 78, Burt has plenty of energy to deal with the logistics of producing international motorcycle tours. He also produces Microcar events and collector car shows; and recently designed, built and operates the 300 vehicle Collectors Car Garage on Chicago’s north side. As a retired architect, he experiences geography, cultures and history in 3-D: Burt is still riding his 175cc vintage Ducati in Italian Motogiros and rides with a small group of friends to obscure corners of the world from Ethiopia to Mongolia and Vietnam. CollectorsGarage.com

Life-A-Tecture: Build an Experience-Driven Life is an adventure story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Ernie is rough and tough, and yet conveys love for his wife and for fellow human beings, while describing parts of the world many of us will never see. The questions he poses at the end of each chapter are thought-provoking and compelling. I am ready to Experience Life! Ernie, keep riding that magic carpet of yours and keep writing the tales. Loved it!

Jana Kemp

Author of seven books in seven languages; avid motorcycle passenger; Development Editor, Life-A-Tecture. JanaKemp.com

As a motorcyclist myself, I found the bike stories invigorating. Ernie’s right: many life lessons can be learned from the seat of a motorcycle and he continues to explore the world while in his 70s, proving that all of us can get out and do more than we imagine.

Dale Stevens

Owner of Power Sports Dealership, Adventure Bike Riding Instructor, and Adventure Tour Guide

Ernie Lombard’s Life-A-Tecture is a delight to the adventurer’s soul and an inspiration to great storytellers everywhere. Spend some time with this book; let it fuel your passion to build an experience-driven life.

Dave Weitz

Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author of "Intentional Leadership"